7 & Up – The Right Age for an Orthodontic Consultation

7 & Up – The Right Age for an Orthodontic Consultation - Daher Orthostyle - Children Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry which involves the  diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. Having proper orthodontic care is imperative to your child’s overall dental health, so it’s important to know when to begin.  You may know that their first dental appointment should be within 6 months of their first erupted tooth, but what about their first orthodontic appointment?

When should my child have their first orthodontist appointment?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that children see an orthodontist no later than their seventh birthday. By this point they will have lost most, if not all, of their baby teeth. The first of their permanent molars will have erupted as well at this age.

Isn’t that a little early?

At seven years of age, the jaw is still developing, but it is already possible to evaluate the relationship between the teeth and the jaws. This means that several issues such as teeth crowding or lower jaw deviations,  can be recognized early and dealt with sooner. Having an early consultation does not mean that orthodontic measures need to be taken right away, or even taken at all! The appointment will result in a dental “road map” for your child. Together with your orthodontist, you will be able to see any hidden issues that may cause complicated problems down the road. Ultimately, an early orthodontic consultation could save your child a lot of trouble, and you a lot of money.

Do I need a referral from my dentist?

Although many people are directed to us by their general dentist, it is not necessary to wait for a referral! In fact, a referral may only come when the problem is visible. Recognize those areas of concern before they become big issues! Here at Daher Orthostyle™, our consultations are offered as a complimentary service. Don’t wait until the last minute to have your child’s orthodontic care begin, book a consultation and visit us at Banker’s Hall so we can set your child on the right track for a healthy, happy smile!

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