The Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

The Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment - Daher Orthostyles - Orthodontics

It wasn’t that many years ago when the number one question orthodontists were asked was, “how long will orthodontic treatment take?” The response would often be the deciding factor in whether patients would move forward with treatment or decline due to excessive amount of time spent wearing appliances, brackets, wires, and retainers. But over the past ten years, orthodontic treatment and technology has made leaps in easing discomfort, expanding case suitability, and decreasing treatment times to a rate that can chop close to 50% off traditional treatment times. This reduction in time has opened the door to patients who were once unable to commit to lengthy treatment plans. What’s the cause behind shorter orthodontic treatment? A combination of advanced technology and the application of Accelerated Orthodontic methods

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Just for a moment, think of teeth as fence posts and imagine having to push these posts through hard ground. Most people would expect that trying to push a post through solid ground would take an extremely long time. But what if the fence post was in soft, somewhat pliable material? Suddenly, it’s possible to efficiently move the post to a new location. Moving teeth has traditionally focused on applying force over a specific period of time, and working around slow movement by increasing the exerted force. Years ago there was a risk of patients losing bone around certain teeth that were exposed to extended and greater amounts of force, but this risk has been removed with Accelerated Orthodontics thanks to incorporating the softening of bone tissue to ease and hasten tooth movement.

Accelerated Orthodontics offers Many Benefits

So if fence posts represent teeth and earth represents jaw bone, how is bone softened to enhance tooth movement? Orthodontic technology such as AcceleDent® Soft Pulse is offered by Orthodontists at Daher Orthostyle and involves the application of micro pulses being directed at teeth and surrounding oral tissues for approximately 20 minutes a day. The low magnitude electromagnetic pulses alter the bone remodelling process and assists in the faster movement of teeth. Where there was once a concern regarding the speed of tooth movement, Accelerated Orthodontics provide a safe and effective method of decreasing treatment times. The benefits of incorporating a system like AcceleDent®aura include:

  • A reduction in treatment discomfort
  • Faster regeneration of bone and increased bone volume which can improve facial aesthetics
  • Increased post orthodontic tooth stability and permanency in new bite position
  • Can decrease the need for tooth extraction
  • Enables even the most involved cases to be completed in a manageable time period

If having your best smile has always seemed overwhelming due to the length of treatment, now’s the time to schedule a consultation at Daher Orthostyle and discover how accelerated orthodontic methods can have you smiling faster.  

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