The Benefits Of Being Treated By An Orthodontist

You may know someone who is seeing their General Dentist for Orthodontic Treatment – and it’s got you wondering why you were referred to a Certified Orthodontist.  You may even be thinking what’s the difference? – they’re all dentists! But there are some clear distinctions between General Dentists and Orthodontists and benefits that come from seeing an Orthodontist for treatment.

General Dentists and Orthodontists – What’s The Difference?

Your General Dentist provides your primary dental care needs – sees you for dental emergencies, routine exams and cleanings and provides treatments such as fillings, root canals, crown and bridge placement and extraction of teeth.  A General Dentist knows your dental health better than anyone else and is able to make recommendations for treatment needs and referrals to dental specialists – or in some cases provide some procedures that are performed by specialists.  A Certified Orthodontist has earned a dental degree just like a general dentist and then gone on to further education to become specialized in the field of orthodontics.

Orthodontics is a Specialty

Calgary Orthodontists at Orthostyle™ in Bankers Hall explain that orthodontics is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, interception and treatment of malocclusions.  The treatment of ‘bad bites’ isn’t limited to just teeth as orthodontists are trained to interpret bite issues that involve skeletal discrepancies and deficiencies – and are skilled in anticipating abnormal jaw growth and development.  Correcting a mouth with bite dysfunction may not be limited to the treatment of teeth, as no amount of straightening and aligning will correct a bite that is firstly a skeletal issue that may require complex orthodontic treatment along with jaw surgery.  The ability to make a detailed and accurate diagnosis of a patient’s malocclusion not only involves experience and training but the use of technology designed specifically for orthodontic treatment planning.

Orthodontic Technology

In-office CT Cone Beam Imaging has enabled orthodontists to view a patient’s bite in 3D – making it possible to manipulate images to be able to see in greater detail symptoms of a bad bite.  Showing not only teeth but bone, jaw and the skull in a 3 dimensional view – orthodontists have the added benefit of seeing beyond the smile as viewing underlying structures means treatment goals and expectations can be accurately mapped out.

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