Best Retainer Cleaners

If you have to wear a retainer, either all day or at night, you may have experienced some frustration when it comes to knowing which type of cleaner to use to keep your retainer in its best, cleanest shape possible.

Retainer cleaners available in the Market

Most of the retainer cleaners available in Vancouver and Calgary are based on cleansers developed for cleaning dentures. There is a big difference between orthodontic retainer cleaners and dentures. Traditional denture guards cannot be recommended to clean your retainers, mouthguards or even your nightguards. But no matter what kind of a cleaner you have, make sure you clean it daily. Given below are the different types of retainers and recommended cleaners.

Traditional Hawley Type Retainers

Recommended to use any traditional persulfate cleanser used as directed or non-persulfate cleanser (i.e DentaSoak).

Hawley Metal Acrylic Retainers with Solder Joints

Dentasoak is the best cleaner for Metal Acrylic retainers.

Essix, Vivera, Clear Aligners, & Clear Plastic Retainers

Recommended to clean with mixture of 1 part bleach : 10 parts water for 5-10 minutes. Can even use any traditional persulfate cleanser or non persulfate cleanser such as Dentasoak.

Below are things that you should not do about retainer cleaners

  • Do not clean your retainers with toothpaste
  • Avoid over soaking your retainers
  • Do not expose your retainers to excessive heat
  • Never use vinegar as a retainer cleaner
  • Do not keep your retainers in closer reach of pets

We found this helpful questionnaire to choosing the right type of retainer cleaner for you. If you have any questions, give our office a call and we can help you decide on the best cleaner for your retainer.

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