Braces and Orthodontics – Lots of Fun Facts to Know

Thinking orthodontics is all about serious tooth talk? There’s actually lots of cool information about braces and orthodontics, as the specialty has been around since the early Egyptians walked the planet – creating their own treatment plans out of available materials that could help push and manoeuvre teeth to form, what was considered to be at that time, a beautiful smile.  Well-shaped dental arches with teeth in proper alignment isn’t some new look – throughout the ages humans have recognized the need to create health, that in turn resulted in increased facial beauty – even if they did use some unsavoury methods to move teeth.

Braces and Orthodontics – Lots of Fun Facts to Know - Daher Vancouver - Orthodontists West Vancouver

Modern Orthodontics

Maybe 1728 wouldn’t be considered a modern era by today’s standards – but it was the birth of modern orthodontics thanks to a French dentist named Pierre Fauchard who invented a device used for expanding dental arches.  Now fast-forward to today’s orthodontic technology that truly can be considered modern due to NASA developed wires that may not send you to outer space but can enable teeth to be moved with increased efficiency and predictability.

You’re Never Too Old for Orthodontic Fun

This is probably one of the best facts about orthodontics – you’re never too old to straighten your teeth – which just can’t be said about everything in life.  Now obviously you need teeth to straighten – but that’s the only requirement – apart from a desire to improve your dental health – cause that’s what happens when teeth are moved in to better alignment, the health of the entire mouth improves.

You Are Not a Walking Magnet

Maybe goofy cartoons depict a person with braces attracting all kinds of magnetic objects – but the reality is that braces aren’t magnetic – they don’t even pickup crazy radio frequencies or make you a target for lightning strikes.  Orthodontic brackets won’t set-off the metal detectors at Vancouver Airport – or get you caught-up with your honey’s braces when you have a smooch.  What braces and clear aligners like Invisalign® will do is create a healthy bite and smile – without any drama.

Don’t Forget About Retainers

Your orthodontic retainer may not be the star of the show but it’s still an important part of treatment success.  Forgetting to wear your retainer can unravel all the good work your braces and aligners have done.  If you don’t want to face repeat orthodontic treatment make your retainer a priority – and that’s a fact you shouldn’t forget.

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