Choosing an Orthodontist: What You Need To Know

If you are currently looking to correct your smile, then you should first conduct some preliminary research on the Internet. Always be on the lookout for information regarding the advantages that you can obtain from orthodontic services.,When selecting an orthodontist, you may have questions about how general dentists differ from orthodontists. You may also have uncertainties concerning your family’s  dental care. This guide addresses these questions and educates you on what you should know when selecting an orthodontist.

Know why a general dentist differs from an orthodontist 

A general dentist is strikingly different from an orthodontist, especially when it comes to Invisalign, brace placement, and the movement of teeth. While general dentistsspecialize in oral health and restorative services like teeth cleaning, orthodontists specialize in straightening crooked teeth and fixing patients’ mouth structures..

Is your orthodontist experienced in Early Interceptive Treatment? 

Most orthodontists are  qualified to work on adult teeth, but many do not possess the requisite experience in Early Interceptive Treatment. As a result, they do not have sufficient experience to work on your child’s mouth, especially if she or she has a contracted upper jaw.

Does the office feature the latest  technology?

The technology used by an office shows you whether or not the dental care practitioners using it are keen on investing resources and time into upgrading it constantly. It also shows you whether or not the orthodontists are motivated tokeep their practices current with the latest advancements. An office that is paperless with a digital x-ray, assists orthodontics in enhancing their communications with other medical and dental experts.

Is the Orthodontist well-versed with Invisalign?

Numerous orthodontists indicate that they offer Invisalign servicesbut only a few of themprescribe Invisalign to patients coming in for consultations. Only Sam Daher, founder of Daher Orthostyle, and a few other orthodontists have spent the requisite ongoing education hours learning how to employ the useful Invisalign system. The method entails clear aligners worn for up to 22 hours daily. Visit the Daher Orthostyle website today at

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