Choosing Tooth-Friendly Halloween Options

Choosing Tooth-Friendly Halloween Options - Daher Orthostyle - Orthodontists West Vancouver

Halloween is just around the corner; a chill is in the air and costume shops are cropping up all over town. Playing ghosts and ghouls are fun when it’s just a day, but a cavity won’t go away when the outfit comes off. It’s no secret that dental health tends to take a back seat when we enter the season of candy corn and tootsie rolls. Here are a few tooth-friendly tips and alternatives that you and your little ghoul will love!

Sugar-free gum/Diabetic sugarless foods.

Sugar is the greatest enemy of teeth. It feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth who then produce acid that eats away at enamel and causes cavities. Long lasting candies like suckers are the worst offenders for tooth decay. But toffee and other sticky treats should be avoided at all cost by teens with braces. So when the trick-or-treaters come knocking (or your teen asks for candy for their scary movie-night), we recommend offering sugar-free varieties of your favourite hard candies. Grocery stores now sell sugar-free gum, candy, and chocolates. The kids won’t know the difference, but it will give their teeth and braces a much needed break!


Nothing feels more like Autumn than a basket full of bright red apples. These tasty treats will even clean your child’s teeth! Grab an apple before heading out on that wicked walk around the neighbourhood.

Homemade alternatives.

If you are throwing a party, why not try something new? The internet is riddled with sugar-free goodies that will delight your guests! Mix up some pumpkin truffles or coconut cups.

Whether or not you and your little one end up snacking on sugar-filled goodies, make sure to take a few precautions.

  • Set a gameplan for when snacking is allowed and how much.
  • Have a tasty, healthy meal before snacking. A full belly won’t devour quite so much candy.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day. Water will help rinse out some of the sugar and acids.
  • And most importantly: no matter how sleepy you or your little ghoul may be after a long night of fun, make sure teeth are brushed! If you don’t, all of that sticky residue from the day will have all night to do its dirty work.

While many of our patients feel they’re “too old” for trick-or-treating, teens aren’t the only Canadians wearing braces these days. From all of us here at Daher Orthostyle, stay safe and have fun this Halloween season!

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