Common Orthodontic Questions

Common Orthodontic Questions - Daher Orthostyle - Orthodontics in Vancouver
Our team is staffed with skilled personnel who have several years of combined experience. With all of this experience, we often hear the same questions being asked. It’s likely that you may have been mulling over these same topics, so we’ve decided to compile a list of the five most common orthodontic questions just for you!

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a general dentist?

Orthodontists and dentists both help patients improve their oral health, but they do so in different ways. Think of dentists as being equivalent to a family doctor. They deal with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw. Now think of orthodontists as being equivalent to a professional like a cardiologist, a specialist. Orthodontists specialize in correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth.

How old do I need to be to have orthodontic treatment?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child have their first orthodontic appointment by the time they are seven years old. That way any hidden issues can be sorted out early before they become painful problems. There is no upper age limit! Many adults are making steps to fix their smiles.

Does getting braces hurt?

Getting braces can seem daunting, but don’t worry, it isn’t agony! After your initial visit and some adjustments, your teeth may become more sensitive for a couple of days. It is incredibly bearable and easily manageable with Tylenol, Advil or whichever analgesic you prefer. Your biggest concern while wearing braces will be keeping them clean. That’s why we have special flosses and techniques to help you keep your teeth and appliances in tip top shape!

Do I need to be referred by my dentist to an orthodontist?

No! Although many of our patients are referred by their general dentists, we do take non-referrals.  

How can I schedule an orthodontic consultation?

It’s as easy as a phone call away! At Daher Orthostyle downtown Vancouver, we offer complimentary consultations. Call us at 604-662-3290 and get yourself on the path to your perfect smile!

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