Cut Orthodontic Treatment Time in Half with Acceledent!

Acceledent technology available at Orthostyle Vancouver and Calgary can now reduce the orthodontic treatment time by almost 5 months, according to Acceledent is a removable, non invasive appliance which uses vibration to help the process go faster. A patient is supposed to wear the Acceldent 20 minutes a day daily.

In a randomized clinical testing, the device showed over 100% success in the initial teeth movement, and 38% to 50% in closure to extraction phases. There were no signs of damage to teeth roots or other adverse events caused by the device.

“With an increase in rate of tooth movement observed in our study the orthodontic treatment time could be shortened by at least 5 months during the first two stages of orthodontic treatment,”  said Dr. Dr. Dubravko Pavlin professor of orthodontics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Read more about the study in here.

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