Dr. Daher Presents for The Invisible Orthodontist in Bali

Dr. Daher has been invited to be a guest speaker at an event hosted by The Invisible Orthodontist. This educational event will be from November 18th through November 21st in Bali, Indonesia.

While in Bali, a picturesque island known for its yoga and meditation retreats, Dr. Daher will be discussing the modern orthodontic treatments that are now being utilized in his own private practice. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for other orthodontists who wish to gain valuable and insightful information to better their own skills and practice. These men and women will hear firsthand how these innovative techniques are making a difference in the treatment of actual patients.

The Invisible Orthodontist is comprised of a group of orthodontists from Australia and the UK. These doctors offer Invisalign and other discreet treatment solutions to people of all ages. This group was formed due to the reluctance of the orthodontic community to treat patients with anything other than very basic cases with Invisalign. Advancing the use of invisible treatment options is key to The Invisible Orthodontist. It is with great pleasure that Dr. Daher will be speaking to this group and sharing his expertise in this field.

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