Dr. Sam Daher

Dr. Sam Daher, DDS, M.Sc. FRCD(C)

Dr. Sam Daher is a certified orthodontist specializing in orthodontics and dentafacial orthopedics. His initial general dentistry degree gave him the foundation for creating Orthostyle™ by combining orthodontic treatments with preventative/maintenance models. Dr. Daher emphasizes healthy teeth, encouraging his patients to nurture correct oral health care habits.


Dr. Daher is a bilingual speaker of English and French. He earned his Doctor of Dentistry (DDS) degree from McGill University and his speciality degree in orthodontics (M. Sc.) from the Université de Montréal. Dr. Daher is a keynote speaker for Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign invisible aligners.

When he is not writing articles for the American Journal of Orthodontics, he enjoys golf, travelling, weight training and spending time with his family.

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