Exfoliation of Primary (Baby) Teeth

Exfoliation of Primary (Baby) Teeth - Orthostyle - Children Dentistry Calgary

If your child’s teeth are a textbook case of normal baby teeth loss, it will be something like this:

Central incisors Between ages 6-8
Lateral incisors Between ages 6-8
Canines Between ages 10-12
First Molars Between ages 9-11
Second molars Between ages 10-12

Children will lose their teeth roughly between the ages of 6-12.

A domino effect starting from the middle four teeth all the way to the back of the bite will slowly take effect, allowing adult teeth to grow in with adequate space. But sometimes, baby teeth hang on for just a bit too long which causes crowding during the eruption of permanent teeth. Even if your child’s teeth are a textbook case, the alignment of new teeth growing in matters as well and may not be perfect.

Orthodontic Issues in Teenage Years Start Early.

Unless baby tooth lag is prevented through early extraction, the overcrowding it causes can mean orthodontic issues later on. Problems usually occur when adult teeth start to erupt at an angle that doesn’t push out the existing baby teeth. This is why we suggest visiting an orthodontist as early as 7 years old. A trip to the orthodontist can help you understand whether or not your child needs their teeth extracted early, and what can be done to prevent existing adult teeth from collapsing, losing their space in the bite.

Maintaining space can be assisted through spacers. Spacers are appliances that are inserted like a retainer and act as “space savers” before adult teeth grow in. Most will have fake teeth at the front, a bit like dentures, but are virtually indiscernible from normal teeth. The appliance works lingually (applied to the back of the teeth) so remains hidden and won’t affect one’s smile.

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