Getting Attachments

There are a few different types of attachments you may be given by your orthodontist, with or without braces. Attachments are used to secure elastics that help to pull teeth downwards or backwards to better align a bite.

Bonded Attachments are very small and match the colour of your teeth. Without an elastic, they appear just as a small tooth-coloured bump on the outside of a tooth. They serve an important purpose, though. Wearing elastics is part of the fine-tuning of your alignment, and will tilt teeth at an angle not always possible to shift with a wire.

Bracket Attachments are metal, so are therefore more visible. But, they are small and sit on an existing bracket, which makes them more stable to hook elastics onto. They serve the same purpose as a bonded attachment. The elastics on both metal and bonded attachments should be removed to eat and clean the teeth. Similar to retainers, they should be worn as much as possible to allow you a quicker treatment time.

When do they come off?

The attachments will most likely come off the same time as your braces. Most orthodontists will leave those attachments in place in case they need to be used again, as they don’t obstruct the mouth much more than a normal bracket. To remove a brace, your orthodontist will carefully free up and then remove the epoxy which will, in turn, remove the brace. For a bonded attachment, your orthodontist may just carefully file down the bump, which will remove the bonded attachment and leave your teeth shiny and smooth.

Like most of our treatment options, communicating to you what is best for your bite, whilst hearing which option could better suit your lifestyle, are they keys to a good experience. Book a free consultation with one of our Alberta or BC clinics today to talk more about what we can do for you.

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