How your West Vancouver orthodontist can halve the time you wear braces on your teeth

More and more adults are looking to orthodontic treatment to help them get a healthy, perfect smile, but many people are still put off by how long orthodontic treatment takes. Fortunately, advancements in technology have changed this, helping orthodontists reduce treatment times significantly so their patients’ before and after pictures don’t have to be years apart. One such advancement, the Acceledent device, is offered by Daher Orthostyle in West Vancouver. While the time required to straighten teeth varies from patient to patient depending on their age, the severity of their dental issues and other factors, most people undergo treatment for about two years. AcceleDent can halve this time, providing straight, healthy teeth in significantly less time which allows you to start enjoying your new smile much sooner. This FDA approved product resembles a mouth guard and it fits directly over braces or Invisalign™ trays. It emits micropulses – small vibrations – that stimulate bone remodelling, helping teeth to move into their correct position faster. These vibrations also help to relieve much of the discomfort experienced by patients wearing braces, making treatment more comfortable, quick and hassle-free.

Our practice offers customized, innovative treatments for the perfect teeth

At Daher Orthostyle™, our priority is patient care. Our dedicated team will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that suits your particular needs and delivers results that look great, feel great and suit your personality. By focusing on preventive maintenance as well as delivering results, we offer our patients treatments that boost oral health while creating a straight set of teeth. For more information on our orthodontic services, or to book an appointment at one of our practice locations, please contact us today.

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