How to Use Chewies and Why

How to Use Chewies and Why - Daher Orthostyles - Orthodontics

Chewies™ may sound like a treat you would give a new puppy or a young teething infant, but the truth is Chewies™ are your best friend when it comes to getting the most from your Invisalign® treatment. Made from styrene copolymer – also known as SAN – these spongy, cotton-roll-like accessories are used with Invisalign® aligners and play an important part in ensuring the fit and placement of each aligner. Never heard of Chewies™? Here’s an opportunity to learn how they’re used and why this orthodontic accessory is incorporated into a treatment plan.

Why Are Chewies™ Used With Aligners?

Available in various colours and flavours, including unflavoured and plain white, Chewies™ resemble small cotton-rolls that are commonly found in a dental office. Regardless of the colour or flavour, be it purple grape or green mint, these small, super spongy, cylindrical accessories are designed to improve the performance of each aligner. Chewies™ Aligner Tray Seaters aid in creating the desired fit of each aligner by gently pushing the aligner into optimum position so that maximum tooth surface is covered and any trapped air pockets are released. To ensure your aligner fits snuggly, Chewies™ are the perfect tool to ease the aligner up or down over teeth. This improves tooth to aligner contact and enhances treatment response.

How To Use Chewies™

These spongy cylinders don’t take lots of fiddling time to make them super effective, and though they may resemble cotton-rolls, their bounce-back material allows for multiple uses. This makes them way more cost effective than a cotton-roll. Ideally used for 5 minutes prior to bedtime, a Chewie is placed between teeth and gently bitten into. As you bite, the chewie pushes and helps to seat the aligner properly. Start with the front teeth. The Chewie is then moved roughly two teeth over and bitten down on again until it has moved across the entire mouth and the aligner feels tight and snug on all teeth. This action removes the risk of an aligner not being seated correctly and helps to keep treatment on schedule.

Caring For Your Chewies™

Each Chewie is designed to be used multiple times and requires little more than being rinsed after use and put away in its case. It’s a low maintenance orthodontic aid that has a big impact on tooth movement. The action of biting down on a Chewie stimulates blood flow throughout oral tissues which helps to decrease inflammation while helping to speed tooth movement.

Not using your Chewies™ or can’t find them?  Talk to the orthodontists at Daher Orthostyle today so that you can start to get better performance from your aligners.

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