Invisalign® – Everything You Need To Know

At Daher Orthostyle™ we make it a priority to inform patients on the ins and outs of Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®.  In an attempt to discover what really concerns or is important to patients we scoured many orthodontic forums and chat rooms and discovered that there’s a wide range of questions that people would like answered – so here goes – we’re going to answer all your questions from what it’s like to kiss with Invisalign® and why seeing an Orthodontist for treatment may offer advantages.

Invisalign® - Everything You Need To Know - Daher Vancouver - Invisalign

Kissing With Invisalign® – Can You Still Pucker Up?

We’re not sure if this question came from a teenager or adult – but regardless of who’s doing the asking the answer is still the same.  Invisalign® Aligners aren’t a one-size fits all system.  In fact the technology behind Invisalign® allows for the highest degree of customization and fit.  What does this mean to all of you out there who don’t want to give up kissing your favorite person during orthodontic treatment – you don’t have to.  Your aligners won’t fall out or move or hurt the lucky recipient of your affection.  So go ahead – pucker up all you want, just remember to brush and floss daily and clean your aligners.

Does Seeing an Orthodontist Make a Difference?

Interestingly this question came up time and time again on various forums – the dilemma of how to choose who’s going to correct your bite.  It’s no secret that Invisalign® is a very popular straightening system that is offered by both General Dentists and Certified Orthodontists – making the challenge of selecting a provider incredibly difficult.  Maybe a good place to start is asking how many Invisalign® cases the general dentist or orthodontist has completed and how your case compares to other cases.  Just like riding a bike – practice makes perfect and it’s usually best to start on a three wheeler before graduating to a unicycle.  Often an orthodontist has completed many more cases than a general dentist – which makes sense as that’s what they do all day unlike a general practitioner who performs a variety of procedures in their day.

Is It More Expensive To See An Orthodontist?

You’d think it would be more expensive to see an orthodontist for Invisalign® treatment but the reality is that treatment costs are associated with the case difficulty and the quantity of aligners required to complete treatment.

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