Invisalign Teen® braces, available in Downtown Vancouver ,are comfortable and invisible – ideal for school and prom photos

If you’re a parent of a teenager who’s looking for an affordable, effective teeth-straightening system to suit your child’s lifestyle, Invisalign Teen® braces might be the right choice.

These aligners are clear, tray-like structures that fit over your child’s teeth, gently moving them into their correct position. They are especially popular with teens, as they are almost invisible – making them far more appealing than traditional metal braces. Invisalign Teen® braces are also removable, allowing your child to take them out for eating, cleaning and brushing so their teeth remain as healthy as possible during orthodontic treatment.

If your child is especially active on the sports field, these “invisible braces” are a safer option. Unlike metal braces that can cut into soft tissues easily, Invisalign Teen® braces can be worn during all activities, or removed temporarily to be replaced with a mouth guard for contact sports.

Treating malocclusions such as spacing or crowding issues at this time in a child’s life is highly effective, as the teeth can still be moved relatively easily into their correct positions. This can help prevent more serious dental issues and the need for more complex treatment later on.

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At Daher Orthostyle™, we’ll work with you and your teen to see if Invisalign Teen® braces offer you the best possible solution. Treatment plans are different for each individual case, often lasting between 12 to 18 months and involving several sets of aligners. Our team will help you map out the projected costs as well as explain the results you can expect from this treatment and show you before and after photos of completed cases.

For more information on these invisible braces and how your teen can get straight, healthy teeth through orthodontics, please contact us today.

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