Invisalign® Treatment Process

Daher Orthostyle’s founder, Dr. Sam Daher, an Invisalign provider and speaker.

If Dr. Daher determines Invisalign® is the best choice for your orthodontic treatment, the process begins with diagnostic records, which include creating a replica of your bite and dental anatomy. The digital 3D models are sent to the Invisalign laboratory, where a unique series of aligner trays are created based on the movement designed by Dr. Daher for your orthodontic treatment.

Given that aligners are completely removable, you may enjoy all your favourite foods, restriction-free. When replacing your aligner, do not pop the aligner into your mouth. Gently press it with your thumbs into place until it ‘clicks’ into place. Aligner trays are switched on a regular basis and each aligner is designed to shift your teeth gently and gradually into the correct final position. As such, you do not need to come to Dr. Daher’s office for your brackets to be adjusted or for frequent checkups, though you should book an appointment as often as recommended by Dr. Daher to ensure your Invisalign treatment is progressing correctly. Generally, you should visit our office every eight to ten weeks.


Invisalign® Before and After

The process of creating a striking Invisalign® before and after picture starts as soon as you receive your aligners. A detailed treatment plan will be displayed for you as a computer-generated 3D model which depicts your teeth in their initial, mid-treatment and post-treatment stages. Invisalign treatment times depend on the severity of your malocclusion, but treatment times are comparable to traditional fixed braces orthodontics.

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