Life with Invisalign – It’s Great!

Life with Invisalign – It’s Great! - Daher Downtown Vancouver - Orthodontic Treatment Downtown Vancouver

You’ve probably heard about Invisalign and wondered if it’s right for you. According to Align Technology, there have been 2.4 million people around the world that have discovered that it is right for them. Are you ready to join them? We’ve compiled our top three reasons why we believe that Invisalign is a top notch treatment!

They are practically invisible!

One of the most attractive features of Invisalign is the fact that the aligners are clear and difficult to see. Crooked and crowded teeth are often a source of insecurity for many of our patients. Invisalign eliminates the embarrassing equipment. When you go to your cousin’s wedding this summer, you won’t have metal dental attachments immortalized in the family scrapbook photos.

They are virtually pain-free!

When you first get your Invisalign, your mouth will take some time to adjust. Most patients report that their mouth feels normal within as soon as a week! But once that adjustment period is done, you likely won’t even notice your aligners. Whereas braces tend to be quite sore after being routinely tightened, Invisalign is not as harsh on your teeth.

You don’t have to stop eating your favourite foods!

Unlike other orthodontic treatments, your aligners are removable, and should actually be taken out when you are eating. What that means for you is that you get to eat everything you could before Invisalign. You don’t need to cut out chewy, sticky, or hard foods. That’s right, you can still pile up your plate with corn-on-the-cob! Something to be aware of with this feature is you should not have your aligners out for too long. In order for your treatment to have maximum effectiveness, your aligners need to be in for at least 22 hours a day. That leaves you two hours throughout the day to eat and clean your teeth.

So there you have it, a treatment that is practically invisible, pain-free, and doesn’t require a lifestyle change. If you’re ready to fix your smile and you feel like Invisalign may be right for you, call to book a consultation today! Our expert team in Downtown Vancouver is ready to help you discover your perfect smile!

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