Mother and daughter share their Invisalign experience

Hello, my name is Teresa Margaret King and I am a patient of Dr. Daher’s. I first visited Dr. Daher to see about my 16 year old daughter, Jasmine King getting braces.

I grew up with very crooked teeth and knew how insecure it had made me and I didn’t want that for my daughter, I wanted my daughter to have a perfect smile. On our first visit, Dr. Daher took a scan of my daughter’s teeth and told us about the damage cooked teeth and an improper bite can cause. I had always thought braces were just for cosmetic purposes. I had no idea our teeth were being damaged from being misaligned. Dr. Daher then introduced us to Invisalign; clear, removable braces that painlessly straightened teeth faster than the old metal wire braces and they were virtually invisible. I had never heard of Invisalign before, but by the end of our meeting I decided we would both get them and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My teeth were straight within a year of wearing Invisalign whereas traditional braces would have taken several years and the best part was, that nobody even knew I was wearing them. I also appreciated the fact that I could take them off for an evening out or for photos. Also, I could still brush and floss my teeth as usual and didn’t have to worry about avoiding any foods because Invisaligns are taken out to eat.

My daughter and I are so pleased with our Invisalign experience at Dr. Daher’s office. The staff are great, they are so friendly and knowledgeable and worked around our busy schedules. Now we both have perfect teeth and can’t stop smiling!!! Thank you to the whole team at Dr. Daher’s!!!

Sincerely, Teresa Margaret King & Jasmine Felicity King

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