Orthodontic Myth Busting!

For patients to feel good about deciding to straighten their teeth they have to hear the straight talk on what treatment may involve.  It’s really hard to get excited about the thought of having a fabulous new smile when you’ve heard tales that wearing braces or aligners is painful, awkward and really no fun.  From treatment time to why you should see an orthodontist – it’s time to do a little myth busting so that patients can make informed decisions.

Orthodontic Myth Busting! - Daher Orthostyle - Orthodontists Calgary

All Treatment Time is the Same – Right?

No – that’s probably one of the biggest myths of orthodontic treatment – that every patient wears braces or aligners for the same length of time.  When it comes to straightening teeth treatment couldn’t get more customized.  From technology used to the number of appointments and style of retainer – no two treatment plans match up exactly and can in fact vary quite significantly.  Your treatment plan is designed to meet your unique bite needs – and has nothing to do with a pre-set time table.  Seeing a Certified Orthodontist lets you know that treatment is all about you.

My General Dentist Can Fix My Smile

General Dentists are super talented folk that can diagnose infection, impactions, decay, chips and major restorative issues – which is great when it comes to needing a dentist who can take care of your day-to-day dental needs – and don’t forget that they’re the people you have to see for your regular exams and cleanings, even while you’re wearing braces.  But there is a definite distinction between a general dentist and a certified orthodontist and it consists of education, experience and comprehensive knowledge to be able to deal with all levels of a bad bite.  

Straightening Teeth is for Kids Not Adults!

Nothing could be further from the truth with nearly 50% of orthodontic patients being adults.  Maybe it’s the advancements in technology that have adults feeling good about correcting bite issues.  Technology such as Invisalign® has enabled adults to straighten teeth with minimal interference to their daily routine – as you can remove these clear aligners to eat or do a work presentation – making the whole orthodontic process easier.  

Adult patients also experience more headaches, jaw joint discomfort and facial muscle tenderness associated with a bad bite – making orthodontic treatment a great option to address pain and discomfort.

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