Why Do Some Orthodontic Patients Need Teeth Extracted?

If you’ve been talking to friends and co-workers about Orthodontic Treatment you may be hearing of treatment goals and plans that are vastly different from one to another.  Daher Orthostyle™ Vancouver explains that ideal orthodontic care is all about customization – creating a customized plan for each and every patient.  No two smiles are the same – so don’t be shocked to discover that treatment designs and goals can range dramatically between patients.

Why Do Teeth Need To Be Extracted?

Vancouver Orthodontists at Daher Orthostyle™ share some insight as to why some patients require teeth to be extracted either before or during ortho treatment.  It must be stressed that tooth extraction is only recommended once it has been established that treatment will be compromised if specific teeth are not removed.  Even then it is still the patient’s (parent’s) choice to have teeth extracted, once all the benefits have been explained.  For many orthodontic patients the subject of tooth extraction never comes up – because their particular bite issues are able to be corrected without removing teeth.  Vancouver Orthodontists explain that sometimes tooth extraction is unavoidable – and has to be done so that bigger problems can be corrected.

Crowding of Teeth

One of the more common reasons for extracting teeth is severe dental crowding. Now we’re not talking a little overlapping here and there – we’re referring to a mouth that is so crowded that there is no way to begin moving teeth.  In order to move an object you have to have somewhere to place it. In order to move teeth – there has to be some wriggle room to enable teeth to physically move.  Teeth can’t be stacked on top of one another – so in some cases a couple of teeth have to be sacrificed to free up space so that the remaining teeth can be brought in to preferred alignment.

Vancouver Orthodontists at Daher Orthostyle™ explain that extracting teeth is probably one of the last treatment recommendations an orthodontist wants to make – as keeping a full head of healthy teeth is always the goal.  But creating customized treatment plans means doing what’s best for each patient – and sometimes that means removing certain teeth.

Did you know that at Daher Orthostyle™ Orthodontists work hard to treat your bite imbalance without removing teeth – ask them how?

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