Orthodontic Treatment Conjures Up Many Questions – Here are the Most Frequently Asked

Orthodontic Treatment Conjures Up Many Questions – Here are the Most Frequently Asked - Daher Orthostyles - Calgary Orthodontists

Rushing into any form of medical or dental treatment is likely not the best idea. And, once treatment begins, it’s often hard to put the brakes on. Orthodontic treatment is a great example of a treatment where it’s important to gather relevant and essential information before deciding to leap into braces or other forms of appliances. You need to feel confident about your decision to straighten your teeth or the teeth of your family, and that comes from being able to ask all the questions you’re concerned about and receive answers that help you make an informed decision. To make this process easier for prospective patients we’ve put together our most commonly asked questions so that you have some basic information before your first appointment.

Do I Need To Be Referred to an Orthodontist by a Family Dentist?

The majority of orthodontists accept patients without any form of referral and are happy to provide a consultation to confirm and discuss a person’s concerns about their smile and bite. In many situations the need for orthodontic treatment is obvious, so a patient aren’t shy about making the first move and contacting an orthodontic office. However, sometimes a person’s smile doesn’t reveal the tell-tale signs of a bite bad, and it’s their family dentist who introduces the patient to the possibility of orthodontic treatment. Whether you’re referred by your general dentist or initiate a consultation on your own, the orthodontic team at Daher Orthostyle™ are happy to see you.

At What Age Should I Take My Child To an Orthodontist?

This is a great question as many parents feel that the earlier a child sees an orthodontist the better, while others may be thinking that bite concerns will naturally correct themselves in time. Both the Canadian and American Association of Orthodontists recommend a child have their first orthodontic evaluation at the age of seven. At this age most six-year molars are in place and other permanent teeth have erupted – allowing an orthodontist to effectively screen for abnormal tooth eruption and potential jaw growth deficiencies.

Will I Need To Have Teeth Removed Before Braces?

No one ever enjoys the prospect of having teeth removed, even if it’s part of a treatment plan to create a healthy smile. Tooth extraction is usually avoided at all cost — unless it’s deemed essential to achieving the best aesthetic and functional result. The possibility of removing teeth will be discussed in advance and the benefits explained so that there is no confusion as to why certain teeth have to come out. Fortunately, today’s modern orthodontic technology has greatly reduced the need for tooth extraction, so don’t spend too much time worrying about tooth loss.

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