Orthodontic Treatment – Correcting More Than Crooked Teeth

Thinking of starting orthodontic treatment – not sure what’s involved and if you really need to straighten your teeth?  Deciding to straighten your teeth can be a big decision – especially if you haven’t been explained all the advantages that come with a healthy bite.  The Orthodontists at Vancouver Orthostyle™ want patients to know that orthodontic treatment isn’t just about straight teeth – but involves creating a healthy dental system for life.

Why Do You Need Orthodontics?

Your General Dentist has referred you to a Certified Orthodontist – but you’re not 100% sure why you need orthodontic treatment?  Sure you’re teeth are a little out of place, but that’s not uncommon – so why are you about to embark on an adventure with a Vancouver Orthodontist?  The truth is that there are numerous reasons why patients are referred to orthodontists – some reasons are really obvious and involve severely misaligned teeth that can impact a patient’s ability to chew food.  Other patient’s may have a narrow upper arch that needs help developing so that teeth have enough room to erupt. Then there are the patients who have been referred for TMD/TMJ issues that may benefit from improving the relationship of top and bottom teeth.  Then we’ve got openbites, crossbites, congenitally missing teeth and jaw surgery cases – all of which require orthodontic treatment to correct and/or improve arch and tooth relationships.  There are many different reasons why patients need orthodontic treatment – but the goal is to create a healthy bite that addresses genetic and environmental factors.

Seeing a Certified Orthodontist

Your Vancouver Orthodontist is a dentist who has gone on to receive additional education and Certification to treat all manner of bad bites.  Certified in diagnosing and treating malocclusions – your orthodontist can quickly and accurately detect the subtle imperfections of your bite and create a treatment plan that is customized to correct bite issues and improve your overall dental health.  Customized treatment means acknowledging that no two bites are the same and each patient will have different treatment goals and expectations that require individualized care and attention.  Having an orthodontic consultation with a Vancouver Orthodontist at Orthostyle™ provides patients an opportunity to clarify treatment needs and understand what is involved with each phase of treatment.  Creating beautiful healthy smiles is what Orthostyle™ Orthodontists specialize in – so call them today and discover just how easy it is to have a great smile.

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