Orthostyle™ Orthodontics – For Every Type of Smile

As unique as every smile is – so is Orthodontic Treatment – designed to be able to tackle the most extreme of tooth correction down to the mildest little tweaks to perfect a smile. When it comes to developing a smile and healthy dental system – there’s an orthodontic plan just for you.

What is Customized Orthodontic Care?

Customized Orthodontic Care refers to individualized treatment plans being designed for each and every smile.  At Orthostyle™ Orthodontics in West Vancouver modern technology is used to treat the funkiest of bites and bites that require very little correction to tooth position.  Whether a patient is fifteen or fifty-five – these Vancouver Orthodontists strive to ensure that each person’s orthodontic care is personalized to meet their dental health needs.

How Can Orthodontist Design Treatment Plans?

The orthodontic world has seen some of the most significant advances in technology in the past decade.  From digital impressions, fade-out wear indicators, micro-pulsed treatment and practically invisible braces – there has never been a better time to receive modern treatment methods that have you looking and feeling good both during and after treatment.  One of the most talked about teeth straightening systems of modern-day orthodontics is Invisalign® with its clear removable retainers that move teeth in a timely-manner – just like traditional brackets and wires.  Invisalign’s digital software plays a significant role in helping your West Vancouver Orthodontist predict tooth movement and potential concerns and see the end result – all before you’ve even started treatment.  By inputting digital impressions and photographs, along with the addition of physical moulds – Invisalign® can create a road-map for precise and efficient treatment – enabling your Orthodontist to avoid treatment challenges.

Orthodontic Treatment for Your Smile

If you’ve been staring in the mirror thinking ‘I’ll never have a great smile’ – you’re in for a nice surprise.  Modern Orthodontic Solutions means smiles that were once considered too tricky to treat are now being straightened out with the use of discreet systems like Invisalign®.  Once believed to only treat bites that required minimum correction – Invisalign® has proved its ability to be able to handle really crooked teeth – enabling adult patients to correct bite concerns that they have lived with for decades.

Orthodontic treatment at Daher Orthostyle™ takes every patient’s treatment needs in to consideration and designs a treatment plan that corrects the unique flaws of each bite.  Need more information on Orthodontic Care in West Vancouver – talk to Orthostyle™ today 604.913.1555

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