Reasons Why Straight Teeth Make a Healthier Smile and Body

There are lots of reasons to straighten teeth. A better aesthetics and resulting increased self-confidence is the obvious one.  But not every decision is about looks. They’re important, sure, but they don’t take priority over the health of a person’s smile. Fortunately, straight teeth does a lot more good than just a pretty smile.

Reasons Why Straight Teeth Make a Healthier Smile and Body - Orthostyle - Orthodontist in Vancouver

Straight Teeth Just Might Open Doors.

We said that aesthetics isn’t always the number one reason to straighten teeth, but we’d be foolish not to acknowledge the power of a beautiful smile.  Studies reveal your smile is one of the first things to be noticed and that straight teeth are perceived to represent a higher level of health. The lucky person with the great smile may even be perceived to be more successful in social and professional arenas compared to those who hide their smile due to crooked teeth.  For many people, a few crooked teeth won’t impact their self-esteem, but for those who hide behind their hand or avoid interacting with others because they feel self-conscious about their smile, correcting misalignment can be very empowering.

Straight Teeth Could Help Improve Oral Hygiene and possibly reduce your risk of heart disease. One of the biggest challenges patients with crooked teeth experience is keeping gums free from inflammation that is caused by trapped food particles and plaque.  Flossing around teeth that are not in correct alignment is tough. Floss can get caught between tight contacts, and it quickly shreds or becomes frayed.  When teeth line-up properly brushing and flossing is way easier, and gum health is less at risk.  When gums become inflamed due to irritating bacteria that live in plaque, the inflammation isn’t just limited to gum tissue. For some reason, it could also affects other tissues throughout the body. Straight teeth mean gums and the entire body have the best chance of being healthy and free from inflammation.

Straight Teeth Making Eating Way More Fun!

It might sound trivial, but straight teeth do a way better job of chewing food and well-chewed food makes for better digestion and more absorption of nutrients.  It’s not uncommon for patients with crooked teeth to report digestive problems due to food being swallowed without adequate chewing. Our digestive system relies on food needs being chewed into small enough pieces for our stomachs to handle. So large, bulky pieces of food can make for a lot of stomach aches.

Need more reasons to straighten your teeth?  Follow our next blog for more great reasons why straight teeth make for better smiles and health.

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