More Reasons Why Straight Teeth Rock!

Our previous blog talked about confidence, better chewing, and a decreased risk of gum disease — all of which are linked to crooked teeth and gum inflammation.  But what about patients who floss diligently so that their teeth and gums stay free from damaging plaque? What’s in it for them to straighten their teeth?

More Reasons Why Straight Teeth Rock! - Orthostyle - Orthodontic Treatment in Vancouver

Straight Teeth and a Balanced Bite Take Stress off Jaw Joints.

If clicking, popping, or jaw pain is a daily occurrence, you may want to investigate if it’s your teeth that are causing your problems.  A bad bite can lead to excessive tooth wear and cause jaw joints to become inflamed due to stress put on them in an attempt to get teeth to fit together.  Facial muscles can also bear the brunt of an imbalanced bite as they often pick up the slack to help support the dental system. This extra strain can cause these muscles to become fatigued and prone to tightness and spasms over time.  That’s why orthodontic treatment is so important! It doesn’t just straighten teeth; it also corrects jaw alignment to ensure that the upper and lower jaws function together.  When teeth and jaws line up there is less force and pressure exerted on other parts of the dental system.

Straight Teeth Aid in Proper Speech Development and Lip Support.

The shape of top and bottom dental arches are designed to assist with the development of speech.  When your teeth are in good alignment, it’s more likely that your mouth will have the right shape and that there will be adequate room for your tongue. Together, these factors make pronunciation easier and words can be formed without difficulty.  But when arches are narrow and teeth overlap, it reduces the amount of space available for the tongue. Suddenly, enunciation becomes more challenging, even frustrating.  An ideal arch does more than just aid speech. A good arch form and tooth alignment also provides desired lip support which increases facial aesthetics — even giving a more youthful look for patients who have lost lip support due to teeth that are tipped the wrong way.

Straight Teeth Rock Because They’re Easier To Keep Clean!

We’ve saved the best to last: clean teeth that are easy to brush and floss.  Teeth that overlap are really hard to keep clean due to food and plaque getting trapped around the teeth and gums.  The trapped plaque loves to hide-out in hard to reach areas because it gets to feast on food particles. In return for the food, it releases toxins that irritate gum tissue and acids that erode tooth enamel.  Straight teeth help win the fight against tooth decay and gum disease because plaque is easily removed with everyday brushing and flossing.

At Daher Orthostyle Vancouver, we’re dedicated to helping our patients achieve the straight smile they want for a variety of reasons. Whether you are pursuing orthodontic treatment to correct a bad bite, improve a speech impediment, or just want a more beautiful, easier to clean smile, we have a great team of Vancouver Orthodontists ready to help!

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