You can now register for the Webinar: Leveraging Virtual Treatment Tools to Maximize Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Outcomes

CE credit available for complimentary webinar.

Change is inevitable and is the only constant in life.  Accommodating change through adoption of new technology is key for optimizing patient outcomes and for staying ahead in a highly competitive practice environment.

Dr. Daher will share his strategies in employing advanced technologies for accelerating the
rate of tooth movement while delivering high quality and predictable results. By embracing advanced imaging techniques, Dr. Daher will share his insight on how to enable virtual treatment planning and customized appliances for almost every type of malocclusion. In addition, Dr. Daher will provide clinical and practical insight on how to successfully grow your practice with the adoption of technology and accelerated orthodontics.

Upon completion of this CE webinar, the students will learn:
1. Virtual accelerated treatment planning strategies to maximize treatment outcomes and practice efficiency
2. How to present accelerated treatment to your potential patients

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