September Snacks: Start the School Year with a Smile

September Snacks: Start the School Year with a Smile - Daher Orthostyle - Calgary Orthodontist

School is back in session! When you are getting through the school day, it’s tough to focus when your stomach keeps rumbling. What can be even worse is when the food you do have makes your teeth sore or breaks a bracket on your braces. In the spirit of back-to-school, we’ve decided to compile a list of dos-and-don’ts of snacking to keep your belly full while you’re learning!

DON’T mow down on sugary treats all day. Once in awhile it’s nice to have a treat, but too often and that sugar will do damage to your teeth.

DO eat yummy snacks like fruits. They are sweet AND good for you!

Bonus: If you have braces, fruits like bananas and oranges are perfect for you. They are soft so they don’t aggravate your braces, and they are filled with fibre, potassium, and vitamin C!

DON’T indulge in sticky candies that get caught in between your teeth. That goo can be stuck in there all day and wreak havoc in the meantime.

DO find foods that help to build your teeth. Anything rich in calcium like dairy products, almonds, and broccoli will strengthen them.

Bonus: Have fun with your snacks. String cheese is not only delicious and full of calcium, but see what kind of cool creations you can peel, too!

DON’T pack snacks that will be hard on braces like popcorn, chips, and hard pretzels. These foods get stuck in teeth easily and increase the likelihood of a broken bracket.

DO munch on some whole wheat crackers! These will be much easier to chew if you are a salty snack fan.

Bonus: Crackers are high in fibre plus they go great with cheese, another tooth-friendly option! An A+ combination!

Just because you want to take extra care of your teeth, doesn’t mean that you need to go hungry. School snacks can be fun, delicious, and good for you if you follow these basic guidelines. If you haven’t booked your back-to-school appointment yet, give us a call and we will help you start this school year off with a smile!

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