Why Do Some Smiles Wear Braces and Others Invisalign®?

Have you been noticing different smiles wearing different Orthodontic systems and are wondering why some patients wear brackets and wires and other patients wear clear aligners?  The difference is in the unique needs of a patient’s bite.  Customized Orthodontic Treatment means ensuring that every treatment plan is designed to correct bite issues in a manner that best serves each patient – which incorporates using the most suitable orthodontic system.

Are Braces Better Than Invisalign®?

Our orthodontists explain that traditional braces aren’t better than Invisalign® but may in some situations be a more appropriate choice for treatment.  There are many factors that are taken in to consideration when your Calgary Orthodontist constructs a treatment plan that will address your specific bite issues.  Patient age, stage of jaw development, degree of malocclusion and need for adjunctive treatment such as jaw surgery have to be given adequate attention so that treatment goals are met – and that means recommending a specific orthodontic system that will provide the best chance of creating a healthy, functional bite.

Can Invisalign® Move Teeth Like Braces?

Just because Invisalign® clear aligners are removable and don’t require the use of brackets and wires doesn’t mean they are an inferior orthodontic appliance.  The science behind tooth movement is the combination of force over time.  This means that for teeth to move there has to be a specific amount of force exerted over a pre-established amount of time – when either one of these factors is lacking tooth movement is compromised.  Invisalign® Orthodontic Aligners are able to meet the requirements of tooth movement, just like orthodontic braces – and provide the added bonus of being a barely visible, removable system.  Designed to be able to take on the most crowded and crooked of smiles – Invisalign® can perform the task of straightening teeth as efficiently and effectively as any bracketing system and is a great option for patients who want to correct tooth alignment without telling the whole world they’re in orthodontic treatment.

Modern Orthodontic Treatment means providing patients with options for creating a great smile and functional bite – something our team does really well.  Want more information on Orthodontic Treatment in Calgary?  Talk to the team today!

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