Summer Smiles Contest

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School’s out, summer’s begun, and it’s time to get your smile on! Everyone here at the Daher OrthostyleTM offices is looking forward to the next two months. We can’t wait to get out of town with the family and snap some selfies with the kids. Swimming at the lake, hiking in the Rockies, and enjoying a break from the cold — what’s not to love? And if you have similar summer plans, then you’ll love our 2016 summer contest!

What Contest?

This year we thought it would be fun to encourage our patients from Alberta and BC to explore their cities and provinces while showing off their smile and selfie skills. All you have to do is take a picture with our postcard, upload it with our hashtag, and you’re entered to win a tablet (valued at $200) and a $100 restaurant gift certificate.

How does the Contest Work?

It’s easy! All of our clinics have stacks of postcards to hand out to our patients. All you have to do is pick up one of the contest postcards from our clinic; then take a picture or two (or twenty) with it on the road. Remember to use a thick sharpie to write where you are on the face of the postcard. Upload your pic to social media with our hashtag: #DaherOrthostyleSmile, and you’re entered to win. The contest runs from July 1st (don’t forget the Canada Day pics!) to August 31st.

How Do I Win?

No photo­ninja skills are required: five winners are selected randomly on September 1st. Everyone who participates will be entered into the draw for a tablet (valued at $200) and a $100 restaurant gift certificate. There will be two winners for Alberta and two for BC. Every original photo that you upload with our postcard and hashtag counts as an entry. So if you upload one picture at the Bow River (or the Pacific Ocean), that’s one entry. If you then upload a second one from the Legislature in Victoria or Edmonton, and a third from a hike in the Rockies that’s three entries and three times the chance to win. Pretty cool, right?

But that’s not all. This summer contest also pits the Alberta Orthostyle clinics and patients up against those in BC. Whichever province submits the most photos gets an additional chance to win! For the province with the most entries, all participants (from that province) will be entered for a bonus prize of a $50 Cineplex gift card. So get snapping!


The Nitty Gritty

What Sort of Vacation Pics Count? Y ou can take your selfie anywhere. If you’re doing a trip to France and want to snap your picture there, that’s amazing. If you’re going camping less than an hour from your home, that’s great too. You can also take your selfie at the pool or lying beneath your favourite tree.

How Many Entries Can I Have? Every original selfie with our postcard and hashtag uploaded between July 1st and August 31st counts as an entry. Your number of entries is limited only by your imagination and your phone’s memory storage.

Where do I Upload my Picture? You can upload it to your personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. You don’t need to tag our business or comment on our business page, but you do need to include the hashtag: #DaherOrthostyleSmile.

Any Other Rules? Keep your selfies E for Everyone.

How do I get my Prize? Your home clinic (where you picked up your postcard) will be responsible for your prize. They’ll be notifying you if you’re a winner and will arrange a pick­up time to receive your prize.

Anything I Shouldn’t Forget? You need to sharpie your location onto your postcard for each of your selfies. So if you’re going on a long trip, pick up a few postcards from your clinic or use label stickers to add a new location.

Consent & Release. By entering our Summer Smiles Contest, you acknowledge and consent to us using your selfie on our social media and in our offices.

We hope to see numerous photos from all of our patients this summer as they explore Canada and the world. If you have any additional questions about our contest, feel free to call us and remember to come into the clinic nearest you to pick up some postcards!

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