How has technology improved orthodontic work?

In recent years, the field of orthodontics has seen a considerable advancement in technology, allowing orthodontists to offer treatments that are more effective than before. With the new technology, we are able to customize treatments according to the specific needs and requirements of patients and still deliver the desired results.

At Dr. Daher’s Orthostyle™ offices, we incorporate the following innovative orthodontic treatments that are customised to suit your unique needs:

Orthodontic treatments offered by Orthostyle in Vancouver: 

We offer technologically advanced orthodontic treatments

Dr. Sam Daher is a certified orthodontist who focuses on effective orthodontic treatments and preventative maintenance, ensuring all of our patients can enjoy a lifetime with healthy, attractive teeth.

Dr. Daher and his team will work with you to develop an orthodontic treatment plan that is customised to your particular needs in order to bring you the best and most lasting results. They will take into account your lifestyle, aesthetic preference and oral health goals to build a smile that is natural looking, attractive and uniquely yours.

Your oral health is our priority and we will work with you each step of the way to choose the right advanced orthodontic treatment method for you, whether it is clear or low-profile braces, or Invisalign in conjunction with AcceleDent.

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