Orthodontist Reviews by Patients

Orthodontist reviews received by Daher Orthostyle from patients.

Brian Madigan's profile photo

Brian Madigan

reviewed 10 months ago
From my initial consultation through to the end of the process they have been friendly, professional and helpful. My Invisalign treatment has exceeded my expectations and was a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for that amazing smile


silvia schreiber

reviewed 9 months ago
If you need braces and live in the Vancouver area go to Dr.Daher! My experience was nothing but excellent and I can only recommend Fresh Smile Orthodontics. Dr.Daher always listened to my concerns, tried to fit me in during all my travels, is very courteous and always has a smile for you :).


Wendy N

reviewed 9 months ago
Fantastic!! I am absolutely happy with new smile!!! At Dr. Daher’s office, the attention to detail is impeccable and their office is modern and very comfortable. During all my procedures I have been treated gently, precisely, and always with respect. I absolutely recommend them to anyone.



reviewed 3 months ago
Professional staff, hi-tech office, you know you are in good hands here.

B. Caramazza

reviewed 5 months ago
I was referred to Dr. Daher by my dentist just over a year ago. Now I am at the end of treatment and I couldn’t be happier…even though I am almost 50 yrs. old I now have the best smile of my life. Bryce


bram mackenzie

reviewed 4 months ago
Words cannot describe how happy I am with service provided by Dr. Daher and his team. Briefly, I did not follow Invisalign instructions properly, had to leave country asap and Dr. Daher got me up to date and setup for a perfect smile. Good service, not forgetting to mention the warm and friendly atmosphere in the office. Merci docteur and don’t forget everyone: wear your Invisalign sets!


Nicola Mac's profile photo

Nicola Mac

reviewed 2 months ago
I was referred to Dr. Daher by my dentist to deal with some jaw issues. Within minutes of my first consultation Dr. Daher addressed the issue and presented me with a solution to my years of jaw pain. Now not only have I not had any more pain, but my smile is bigger and brighter than ever. Dr. Daher and all his employees always ensured that I was having the best possible experience. Thank you Dr. Daher!







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