Want Great Health? Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums

Research on the mouth-body connection certainly has some people considering the impact their dental health has on their body and systemic health.  But is there really a connection?  Can the health of your teeth and gums really influence the health of your heart?

The Mouth – The Gateway to The Body

Vancouver Orthodontists at Orthostyle™ in Downtown Vancouver have long been educating patients on the benefits of straightening their teeth.  Apart from the obvious cosmetic improvements – straight teeth actually increase the level of oral health.  You might be wondering what tooth alignment has to do with better dental health and the reality is that tooth position can have a very definite connection to the health of all oral tissues.  Everyone may admit to struggling to floss certain areas of their mouth – maybe due to not being able to reach to the back of the mouth, or maybe because of teeth being so close together that floss gets caught – but imagine how hard it is to floss when you’re dealing with teeth that overlap one another.  Crooked teeth aren’t just an esthetic concern – they also pose a health risk because of the difficulty in keeping teeth and surrounding gum tissue clean.

Does Crooked Teeth Mean Puffy Gum Tissue?

Puffy, inflamed gums are a response to bacteria that lives in plaque and irritates gum tissue.  Keeping teeth and gums free from plaque is the foundation of a healthy mouth – as the bacteria in plaque not only irritates gums but also causes tooth decay.  When teeth are straight and in correct alignment the daily ritual of brushing and flossing is easy – some patients might even say enjoyable – as plaque deposits are effectively removed from tooth surfaces.  But crooked teeth aren’t as easy to keep clean as it’s hard to negotiate around misaligned teeth with a toothbrush and floss – resulting in bacteria being able to hide-out between teeth and around gum tissue.  And it doesn’t take long for the build-up of plaque to start irritating gum tissue – causing it to become puffy and swollen and to pull-away from the tooth in an attempt to avoid the source of irritation.  After some time pockets form around teeth – giving plaque an even better spot for hiding and contributing to further gum inflammation and tooth decay.

What Do Puffy Gums Have To Do With Your Overall Health?

Orthostyle™ Orthodontists in Vancouver explain that the inflammation that is seen in the mouth is actually occurring throughout the body.  Oral Bacteria doesn’t just cause havoc for teeth and gums but actually increases a person’s risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease, Respiratory Illness and contributes to premature births and low birth weight.  The next time you notice red, puffy gums, give some thought to what is happening throughout your body because your mouth is providing you with a sign that your health may be suffering.

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