West Vancouver orthodontics: How to ensure optimal oral health while wearing Invisalign

There are two types of aesthetic orthodontic treatment options offered by Dr. Daher at his Daher Orthostyle™ offices: Invisalign and porcelain brackets – both require a solid dental hygiene routine to ensure your teeth stay healthy and that you get the most out of your orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign: This system is different from traditional braces. Instead of consisting of brackets and wires, clear plastic trays fit over your teeth – much like whitening trays do. Fully removable, which makes caring for them and your teeth fairly straightforward. You can brush and floss your normally would, and simply brush and rinse the trays in warm water, or use a special solution to soak them as needed.

Porcelain Brackets: These are similar to traditional fixed braces, but instead of being fabricated from metal, the brackets are constructed of tooth-coloured porcelain to make them far less noticeable. Food and plaque can get trapped in and around these fixtures, so it is important to brush carefully and floss between your teeth after eating. In addition, you should avoid foods that are very sticky, chewy, hard and sugary because these can damage your braces and generate tooth decay.

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