A Winning Smile For Your Wedding Day

A Winning Smile For Your Wedding Day - Daher Orthostyle - Banker’s Hall Orthodontics

Wedding season has come and gone, but planning for next year has just started. If you and your loved one are tying the knot next summer, you know that you’ve got to start planning for the big day right away! One of the most exciting elements of a wedding is the outfits. What will the colours be? What shoes will they wear? Sparkly or matte? Classic or modern? But amidst the plethora of choices you are making, don’t forget to make the easiest choice: the one for the best smile. 

Smile for the Camera!

Your photographer is going to capture many beautiful moments between you and your future spouse. They are trained to transform those special snapshots into lifelong keepsakes. Now while they can do amazing things, they can’t photoshop straighter teeth. So what can you do?

One Step Further

Most people quickly think of teeth whitening as the obvious step for a fabulous smile, but if you struggle with crooked teeth, that may not be enough. Being self-conscious of your mouth could take away from your day and your focus. The good news is that you don’t need to spend four years in traditional metal braces to get straight teeth. Our solution: Invisalign.

The Discreet Option

We get it, you’ve got a wedding shower, engagement photos, bachelor/ette parties to attend. For the next year, you are going to be in the limelight with all of the celebrations. We also know that means your smile will be featured everywhere from your personalized invites to that random-chick-you-met-while-getting-a-free-drink’s snapchat. You don’t want your wedding prep to look too obvious in all these places (ie: a metal grin), so your best option is the nearly invisible one.

Before you strut your stuff down the aisle, make sure to pay us a visit in Banker’s Hall. We can assess your situation and see if Invisalign is the right choice for you. See for yourself why wedding parties choose Invisalign for their special day!

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