Wondering Why You Need Orthodontic Treatment?

For some patients the reason why they need orthodontic treatment is literally staring them in the face.  Crowded and crooked teeth are obvious – and one of the ways to improve wonky teeth is by straightening them out.  But there may be some of you who are running to the mirror and thinking ‘I don’t get it – my teeth look ok, why do I need Orthodontics?’.

Orthodontic Treatment – Do You Need It?

Have you been studying your smile lately, contemplating whether it’s time to seek out an orthodontic consultation in Calgary?  Maybe you’re feeling self-conscious about your smile – or discomfort when chewing food has you wondering if your teeth could be in better alignment.  There are many reasons why patients turn to an orthodontist – and sometimes even patients with straight teeth need treatment to correct underlying issues that are contributing to poor dental health, pain and discomfort and esthetic concerns that hamper a person’s ability to feel confident in their own skin.

Reasons For Orthodontic Treatment

Our orthodontists want patients to understand that you don’t have to present with gnarly teeth to be considered a candidate for orthodontic treatment.  Even the most subtle bite imperfections benefit from orthodontic intervention because when teeth are brought in to better alignment and top and bottom arches come together in a health relationship – many dental conditions are addressed and a patient’s long-term dental health is enhanced.

Esthetic Concerns – For a patient esthetics are frequently the driving force behind the decision to seek orthodontic care.  Studies that link self-esteem to the beauty of a smile suggest that for many people a less than perfect smile really can create a negative self-image – sometimes resulting in withdrawal from social and professional opportunities.  If esthetic issues are the main motivator behind you wanting orthodontics – that’s ok – your smile is your calling card, so it’s only normal to want it to be perfect.

Pain, Dental Decay and Gum Disease – Imagine trying to bite in to a burger and every bite creates shooting pain in your jaw joint or general discomfort.  Some patients live with daily dental discomfort due to teeth not fitting together properly.  Just like a hip has to adjust if the knee is out of line – so do facial muscles, ligaments and tendons – resulting in soft tissue pain triggered by jaw movement.  Chronic Dental Decay and Gum Disease can also be reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment – as teeth that are in correct alignment tend not to have the same concerns with decay and tissue inflammation.  

There are many reasons why you need Orthodontic Treatment – Esthetics, Discomfort and Dental Health – all of which benefit greatly from orthodontics.

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